Everything Found Its Place

I finally finished yesterday. I have a much less cluttered and more organized art space. In the past several months, I have gotten rid of at least 50% of the stuff I had been collecting and hoarding. It feels good. I’ll go back in a year and re-assess. There are some things I still held onto, but if I haven’t touched them in the next year, out they go.
I’d like to do a purging of my more personal/sentimental stuff. Is it wrong I want to keep the castle collection from my grandmother, even though I currently have no place to display them? I’ll work on this dilemma later. For now, I’m going to enjoy my victory and my new art space.

The Slow March Forward

Inch by inch I slowly claim more of the floor in my art space. I’ve been making a dedicated effort to make progress on the other side of the room. No photos yet, as it is not complete.

Stuff I seem to like to collect:

Pretty colored wire
Chop sticks
Bits of String
Boxes, lots and lots of boxes

Stuff I forgot I had hoarded:

Those AOL tins
Carpet samples
Old tapes of various media
Old mystery jars of paint

There is a lot more stuff I collect and hoard. I’m trying to break the cycle. I cannot possibly use everything – and “one day” may just never come.

I also found an arsenal of squirt guns. I’ll be armed and dangerous this summer.